Laurent Loison

Chargé de recherche au CNRS, Historien et philosophe des sciences de la vie, IHPST (UMR 8590, Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, CNRS)

Laurent Loison, Docteur en histoire des sciences

History and philosophy of biology ("Lamarckism" - Evolutionary theory, Cell theory, Molecular biology) ; History of French biology (19th and 20th centuries); Relations between history of science and philosophy of science (HPS, 'Historical epistemology')


My work isdevoted to some aspects of the history and philosophy of the scientific fields that allow the autonomy of biology: evolutionary theory, cell theory and molecular biology. My main interest is in Lamarckism (broadly speaking) and the concept of inheritance of acquired characters. My PhD dissertation aimed at disentangling the complex history of (neo)Lamarckism in the French context. I am now mostly involved in the conceptual clarification of two conflated evolutionary mechanisms: the Baldwin effect and Genetic assimilation in order to enrich the scientific and philosophical debate regarding the valdidity and relevance of an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis.

I am also interested in the issue of the connection between history and philosophy of science (HPS). Most of my contribution deals with the issue of "presentism" and the way it might be possible to renew the aim and scope of what is usually termed 'historical epistemology' (i.e. continental philosophy of science).


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